Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where's Peter Pan When You Need Him?

I do not live an adventurous life. I'm not even sure if this is something I should regret or aspire to. I'm a very plain, mundane, ordinary sort of person. I am a creature of habit, consistent and predictable. I have lived in two homes in my life. The first being my parent's house for twenty years and now my own for thirty-nine. I never rearrange my furniture and am still using the same hand-me-down bedroom furniture I had as a child. My idea of a great day is when I go to bed feeling as though I have accomplished something. The other day the thought occurred to me that I was in need of an adventure. I thought how great it would be to just up and move somewhere completely new. I picked Oregon. Have I ever been to Oregon? No. Do I know anything about Oregon? No. But I saw the movie Kindergarten Cop and have wanted to go to Astoria, Oregon ever since. I admire people who are not afraid of change. The people who can uproot themselves at a moment’s notice and think of change as nothing more than an opportunity waiting to be had. Change sounds exciting to me but my practical side immediately kicks in convincing me that it is too risky, too scary, too impulsive, too impractical and just plain unthinkable. I am wondering if this is what a mid-life crisis looks like. When middle-aged men and women ask themselves “Is this all there is?” It’s that time in life when there are more years behind you then in front. Maybe it is perfectly normal to want one last adventure.

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kenju said...

Oh, I can see that for sure. But I'd stop short of moving to a completely new place, especially one that gets snow! Maybe I'd go there and visit for a few months to see how I'd like it....LOL