Monday, October 13, 2008


It's Monday and the sky is gray and cloudy. There is a prediction for possible rain this evening. This Thursday we are having our groundbreaking ceremony for Camp Claphans. This is the camp we are building on site for developmentally disabled children. It has been a fun project, designing and picking out all the elements we would like to incorporate into the camp. The architects have done a great job and some of the designs are just fantastic. The arts/crafts building has a wall of windows on each side that raise like giant garage doors. The Sammy Jack mess hall is huge and the cabins were designed very similar to those we saw at Camp Barnabus in Missouri. Our challenge is creating a camp that has a rustic feel even though it is located directly behind a hospital. Some very creative landscaping is going into this project. We have tucked everything around trees, hills, and across the lake. Although the groundbreaking takes place this Thursday we don't expect construction to actually begin for a couple of months. I sure hope we can raise the remaining funds needed for this project!

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kenju said...

Surely you will be able to raise funds for such a good cause!