Monday, June 9, 2008

Into the 21st Century

Proudly I go where no man has gone before. OK, lots of people have gone before me but hey, it's my first time. I am getting cable television. Yes, I am ending my boycott and am going to join the millions of people willing to pay to watch television. I'm afraid I am in for a real culture shock. Network television is probably tame in comparison. The way all this started was because I've had nothing but problems with my AT&T phone connection. The online was knocked down during the December ice storm and ever since it was reattached I've had the most horrible static on the line. AT&T has been to my house 3 times and still didn't fix the problem. They advised me it would be $150.00 for them to come into the house on top of any cost that might be incurred to fix it. I am sure the problem is in their line or connection since there is static on every phone and due to the timing of the onset of the problem. So in my frustration I decided to switch to a digital line with Cox. When I ordered the phone line I found that it would be only 20 dollars more to add basic cable tv. So...I went with it. Took the leap. As a baby boomer who remembers when television was new.....and we would stare for hours at the test pattern waiting for the next broadcast....all of which was free of charge....this is really hard for me. But, because my kids won't come over for dinner because I don't have cable I guess I'll join the masses and pay to watch the boob tube. Ohhhhhh my decision to get cable also lead me to purchase a new tv which also led to the purchase of a laptop computer. This was an expensive weekend!

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