Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Defies Dumbness?

I was watching tv this morning before coming to work and evidently only half listening. when a commercial for Oil of Olay came on and I thought I heard that their newest and certainly MOST improved product "Now Defies Dumbness"! WOW! What a concept. I got excited just thinking of what this could mean. How transforming! I thought if we could just purchase drums of the stuff we could cure the woes of the world. We could set up conveyor belts and just start dunking! We could start with Hollywood, or better yet, Washington. Just line em up.......first Brittany then her ex UPS or is it Fed Ex....I can't remember. Or better yet, since there are so many who could benefit lets just line them up alphabetically. Everyone knows someone who could stand a dip in the anti dummy vat. Especially if laziness and dumbness go hand-in-hand. I wouldn't mind seeing my ex-husband do a lap or two in the elixir of enlightenment. Nah, why waste it? But....my elation was short lived and as in the case of most things that seem too good to be true this was no exception. It seems that Oil of Olay has only found a way to defy DRYNESS! Back to the lab I guess.

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